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Paypal Left the Ebay Nest – Delightful and Sobering – Is this Good or Bad for E-commerce Business?
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In business – just as in nature – there is nothing new under the sun. The business world is full of humble beginnings. But then comes the time of transition. A critical time of do or die. Becoming too large … Read More

Alibaba’s 11 Main Fails Miserably in the USA – while American Small Business Conquers with E-commerce
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Alibaba is a classic character from a classic story that discovered the secret den of the forty thieves. He discovered how to access the thieves’ treasure. The thieves then tried to kill him and he ultimately gave his own slave … Read More

Mistaken Perceptions Are Strong Among New E-commerce Businesses
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What makes a new e-commerce business successful? Entire books are filled with reasons and guides to success. Misguided perception is definitely not among the tools established businesses rely on. Last September, it was announced that Paypal would become an independent … Read More

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