Yunjin Hwang

Computer Scientist - Production Manager

Yunjin Hwang is a professional Computer Scientist, software designer, software development manager and E-commerce management professional with a strong talent for an attention to detail.

Yunjin’s formal degree in Computer Science led to a decade as a high level manager in Seoul, South Korea with Dacom (now LG Dacom Corporation), among the leading data companies in the world.

Data systems management is her forte. At Dacom (now part of LG), Yunjin managed teams of software programmers on important industrial and government projects. She is originally from Taejeon, South Korea which is known as “The Silicon Valley Of Asia”. Yunjin’s great expertise is the product of a unique business and technology environment.

Managing teams of software coders can be compared to herding cats. Imagine a circus where a brave individual puts themselves into a cage with lions and tigers armed with only a whip and a chair. Yunjin excelled at the task of heading teams of software coders to complete subroutine coding and then managed the integration to then be linked to a greater purpose. This experience brings a great understanding of project management to and the success of your needs.

Serving our clients at is a true joy for Yunjin. Just as with our own data management, your needs – no matter how small or large – is managed and conquered to your benefit.

Yunjin is also a Korean language voice over and translation professional who can be heard on major international communication carriers, national chain hotels, critical medical system translations and even elevator systems around the world. She is world traveled and hopes to one day visit the few places she has missed – (Australia, New Zealand and the South Pole).

For the last fifteen years she has headed production management in e-commerce for websites. She also acts as Production Manager and Continuity Director for our film and audio production.

Yunjin’s strength is in a great attention to detail and a practical sense of managing projects to successful completion.