ComputerWorld Exposes the Shady World of Antivirus Telemarketing

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The Shady World of Antivirus Telemarketing

ComputerWorld has released an article that exposes how antivirus telemarketers dupe people out of hundreds of dollars with antivirus telemarketing schemes. Even as the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) investigates, these telemarketers go into high gear using tactics such as fear to rake in huge profits.

Computer_virus_PD_-13597144015UmSure, there is a lot of malicious code out there. There are some really bad people too. Just as bad as those who seek to damage property and steal are the others who skate around ethics in order to take money from people.

It all starts with a banner ad on a website that claims “Your PC May Already Be Infected”. There are also the banners offering free antivirus scanning. Have you lived long enough to understand that there is nothing free? Once you click on those “ads” you begin to fall down the proverbial slippery slope.

When you are prompted to contact their call center because “something” was detected, very nice voices on the other end following carefully constructed scripts want nothing more than to help you. In reality to help you lighten your wallet!

This is a five billion dollar a year industry. With that kind of potential, shady operators are quick to work hard to get as much as they can.

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